Dr. Sifiso I. Sithole-Barrow

Dr. Sithole-Barrow is a retired senior lecturer in Nursing Science with the University of Eswatini and has practiced nursing in England, Zimbabwe and Eswatini. She has been a major contributor to nursing in Eswatini where she spearheaded the development of the nurse preceptorship programme to facilitate clinical teaching of nursing students in public nurse training institutions.

During the liberation struggle, while her father was in jail and her mother under house arrest, at age 12 she became her mother’s extension and ran all kinds of delegated errands outside of the homestead, including as a courier of letters between her mother and political activists in the Chipinge area. She also spent her teenage years in Sweden where she was involved in political activism for ZANU. Amongst other things, in 1970 alongside other activists and the then Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme, she participated in a demonstration where she read out on live television a letter that had been written by Reverend Sithole expressing his views on his quest for the liberation of Zimbabwe.

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