Ndabaningi Sithole Africa Research Center

The Ndabaningi Sithole African Research Center (the “NSARC”) shall be a state-of-the art research center in collaboration with local and international institutions.

It shall house and undertake the following activities:

  • Online digital archive of Reverend Sithole’s books, articles, letters, handwritten notes, and pictures under the Zimbabwe Liberation Center Online Archive.
    • Online digital archive on Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle which shall include the Reverend’s archives as well as those from universities globally under the Zimbabwe Liberation Center Online Archive.
    • Republish Reverend Sithole’s remaining books as well as publish new ones including an edited book chapter volume where several authors contribute their insights on his works.
    • Continue production of NSF’s Chimvukela TV initiative, which has been documenting narratives on the country’s liberation struggle.
    • In partnership with writers, write and publish memoirs of freedom fighters.
  • Create a think tank to promote and facilitate Reverend’s vision for pan-Africanism, liberty, and free enterprise.
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