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Chimvukela TV™ is a channel on social media (@chimvukelatv on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to document and celebrate the 2nd Chimurenga/Umvukela which brought about the independence of Zimbabwe. Its name is derived from the Shona (Chimurenga) and Ndebele (Umvukela) words for rebellion/revolution.

Through riveting stories told by those who lived through events and participated in them, Chimvukela TV™ provides a voice to the many individuals who played a role in birthing the independent nation of Zimbabwe.

Its focus is on a wide range of freedom fighters (i.e. student activists, labor unionists, lawyers, soldiers, businesspeople, youths and many ordinary men and women) who participated in the attainment of independence.

Many of these freedom fighters have never had an opportunity to share their perspectives on the liberation struggle and being in their sunset years have committed to telling the world 1) what motivated them to fight for independence 2) their experiences as freedom fighters 3) the learnings they can pass down to younger generations of Zimbabweans, Africans and the world at large.

Chimvukela TV™ is dedicated to celebrating Zimbabwe’s rich Chimurenga/Umvukela heritage and inspiring younger generations to work with a unity of purpose, in the same manner that previous generations did, to ensure that economic prosperity is achieved for the present and future generations to come.

There are still many former freedom fighters still alive today who are willing and ready to share their perspectives on the fight for freedom and the attainment of independence. Please help us reach them by donating to our cause – the more we hear about their experiences and perspectives, the wiser we will be as a nation.

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